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Pork Indad: The Sweet And Spicy Indian Stew Perfect For Cold Weather
Stew isn’t just comfort food for the winter, but it’s also a hearty meal packed with many nutrients. Although beef, vegetable, and chunky chicken stews are heavy hitters, there is a pork stew from the Indian subcontinent that won’t just warm you up during the cold weather, but is sure to spice up your life.
Pork Indad is a sweet and savory stew that is a traditional Christmas dinner dish in Mangalorean Catholic households in India. The dish's Indian roots are particularly expressed in the masala-style sauce, and the best part is that you can use any leftover pork parts, with pork shoulder and pork belly preferred.
Per Deliciously Indian, the masala consists of white vinegar, onions, cumin, Kashmiri chiles, whole peppercorns, sultanas, garlic, green chiles, cloves, and cinnamon. Once blended, this mixture is combined with water and sugar to create a thick sauce — the raisins and sugar are an important aspect of this dish, as they balance out the savoriness.