Potato chips falling in a bowl
Popular Kettle Potato Chip Flavors, Ranked From Worst To Best
16. Jalapeño
To us, these kettle chips were abrasive, as the jalapeño flavor is the only flavor note you can get. With nothing to balance it out, the experience was unpleasant.
15. Air Fried Jalapeño
Taste-wise, these were similar to the Jalapeño chips. However, texture-wise, these morsels are decidedly different, making them more interesting and enjoyable.
14. Habanero Lime
With these chips, you first taste only a powerful lime, but the heat sets in about 20 seconds later. We wished the flavors would've co-mingled better.
13. Unsalted
The Kettle Brand Unsalted flavor chip tastes more like potatoes than the typical chip. The flavor was unassuming and mild, but there was nothing inherently gross.
12. Parmesan Garlic
The Parmesan Garlic chips were quite forgettable, as the parmesan wasn't sharp and the garlic was mild. It didn't do us any harm, so it got a middling score.