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Popcorn Cocktails Are Having A Moment
There’s no shortage of unique cocktails in today's mixology scene, from tea-infused drinks to apple pie moonshine mixed with maple syrup. If you consider yourself an adventurous cocktail sipper, you may be interested in the new autumn trend of sweet, salty, and buttery drinks made with a secret ingredient: popcorn.
For fall of 2022, mixologists are getting creative with popcorn, using the popped kernels as an eye-catching garnish or mixing their flavor directly into alcohol. An example is the Silver Screen at Haswell Green's in Manhattan, which features toffee popcorn-washed bourbon, a cherry cola reduction, and bitters.
You might be able to find popcorn drinks at a bar near you, or you can mix them right at home. A great recipe to try is for the Cinema Highball Cocktail, made with popcorn-infused rum that is fat-washed with clarified butter, then mixed with Coca-Cola; follow our recipe to make a cocktail unlike anything you’ve had before.