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Poo Driver: The Unappetizing Cocktail Name That’s A Perfect Fit
When it comes to food and drink, “interesting” can quickly become “weird”. In the case of cocktails, even if a cocktail sounds weird, if it was made following the proper ratios for each element, then no matter how strange it may seem, it’s bound to be delicious. This is the case for one aptly named cocktail: The Poo Driver.
The Poo Driver was created by Shaina Loew-Banayan, of New York-based Café Mutton. The base of the cocktail is prune juice — universally known as the cure for constipation — mixed with vodka, a touch of Fernet Branca — chosen for its “digestive qualities” as Leow-Banayan delicately puts it — along with lemon and a little salt.
While the Poo Driver may have started as a joke for Café Mutton’s brunch menu, it’s not completely alone in its creation. A previous cocktail, called the Stool Driver, uses just two ingredients — vodka and orange Metamucil. However, the Poo Driver is more complex in its creation, producing a delicious taste that’s sure to run right through you.