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Pommes Dauphine: The Potato Puffs That Should Be More Popular In The US
It’s no surprise that potatoes and their various fried forms are incredibly popular in the United States. After all, this is the nation that pioneered curly, waffle, and wedge-cut fries just to satisfy people’s savory cravings, so it’s surprising that Pommes Dauphine, a unique fried potato dish, hasn’t caught on yet.
Pommes Dauphine hails from France and combines potato croquette mix, consisting of mashed potatoes, butter, milk, and sometimes eggs, with choux pastry, an airy dough used as the base of éclairs. The resulting combination is an airy, fried potato ball reminiscent of both mashed potatoes and tater tots.
Pommes Dauphine is usually served as a side dish, and as a general rule, it pairs well with whatever you would eat alongside mashed potatoes. The puffs taste mostly like mashed potatoes because choux pastry has little flavor in its own right, and they have a crispy outside with a light, airy inside thanks to the choux pastry.