Spoon dropping dollop of yogurt into jar
Place A Chili Pepper Stem Into Milk For A Batch Of DIY Yogurt
Many food scraps can be saved for later and put to good use, like the stems of chili peppers, which can be added to milk to help it turn into yogurt.
Chili stems naturally contain bacteria used to make yogurt, allowing it to ferment milk. To make homemade yogurt without a yogurt starter, chili pepper stems work in a pinch.
To do so, start by heating whole milk in a pot and letting it cool to 105 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring it into jars and adding chili pepper stems to each.
Cover the jars and store them in an incubator for eight hours or in the oven at 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Once formed, store the yogurt in the fridge for up to two weeks.
The resulting yogurt won’t taste like peppers but should be tangy, fresh, and slightly less sour than usual. Use it as a marinade, in a sauce with spices, or with Indian cuisine.