Pimento Cheese Spread with Toasted Crostini's
Pimento Cheese Needs To Be The Headliner Of Your Next Cookout
Pimento cheese, a savory-sweet mixture of sharp cheddar, mayonnaise, and tangy pimento peppers, will make your grilled foods shine with bold flavor and a melty texture.
The mayo's creaminess and the bite of the peppers enhance grilled meats and plant-based entrees. Spread the cheese on hot dogs, burgers, grilled zucchini, and more.
Pimento cheese works well with grilled foods due to its softness and ability to melt into a sauce-like texture under the heat of the grill, coating food in umami richness.
While making pimento cheese, you can add other ingredients to match your grill menu, or make it the main condiment in side dishes like mac and cheese or potato salad.