Corn relish with lime in a white bowl
Pickled Corn Is The Tangy Ingredient You'll Want To Place On Everything
Bold, sweet, and briny pickled corn is the perfect partner for tacos, nachos, potato salad, and more. All you need to make it is a jar, some vinegar, and a few cobs of fresh corn.
Neutral white vinegar is a classic pickling liquid, but you can also add floral Champagne vinegar or fruity apple cider vinegar to complement the corn.
For a sweeter brine, increase the amount of sugar or use an alternative sweetener like maple syrup. For boosted complexity, add spices and aromatics such as thyme and garlic.
To begin the pickling process, you can use fresh or cooked corn, whether in kernels or whole cobs. Add it to a jar with your choice of seasonings.
Whisk together water, vinegar, salt, and sugar while bringing it to a boil over medium heat. Pour the boiling brine into the jar of corn and cover, then let the whole jar cool.
Move the pickled corn to the fridge, where it will last for several weeks. Just remember to close the jar well each time and don't contaminate it with dirty utensils.