Pickle popsicles
Pickle Popsicles Are A Flavorful And Cool Way To Beat The Summer Heat
In recent years, trend watchers began heralding pickles as the next big flavor, with many pickle items appearing on store shelves. One such pickle product is pickle popsicles.
Pickle popsicles are popular in the southern U.S., especially at local sporting events. In Chattanooga, Tennessee, frozen pickle juice in a Dixie cup (aka Pickle Sickles) is a hit.
Randy Carpenter, owner of Family Concessions at Chattanooga’s Warner Park, told the Chattanooga Times Free Press that he made Pickle Sickles as a way to recycle pickle juice.
A simple pickle popsicle is simply frozen pickle juice, perhaps a pickle slice, and (maybe) a touch of sugar. However, the potential to experiment with flavors seems endless.
Try using full sour, half sour, dill, bread and butter, or hot pickles, just to name a few. Any type of brine will do, so go ahead and experiment with kimchi and sauerkraut.
Fill a paper cup about two-thirds of the way to the top and cover with aluminum foil. Cut a slit in the foil, insert a popsicle stick, and freeze for three to four hours.