Raw  meat patties, hamburger buns, cheese slices, red onion, and a ramekin with ketchup.
Pickle Butter Will Totally Boost The Flavor Of Your Homemade Burgers
With the bitterness of pickles and the richness of butter, pickle butter is an intensely flavorful concoction that will give your homemade burgers a surprising amount of flavor.
You can make pickle butter with melted or softened butter. Melted butter is a great way to incorporate the ingredients you can drizzle over the burger and serve immediately.
Softened butter works if you plan to make a compound butter to keep and reuse. Next, add pickle brine, bringing that acidic, pickling flavor that compliments burgers.
Chopped pickles can be thrown in for extra texture, along with additional herbs and spices like fresh dill, garlic or onion powder, pepper, and a dash — or two of hot sauce.
Once your burgers come off of the grill, you can apply your pickle butter. The compound version can be spread over the buns or placed atop the warm patties.
The melted version can be spooned on as you see fit. Regardless, both offer a briny, rich, crunchy bite that will send your taste buds soaring.