Pickles and pickle brine in a cup
Pickle Brine Is The Leftover Ingredient That'll Upgrade Fried Eggs
TikTok user @dansgoodside has started a pickle-inspired recipe trend on the app. It involves frying eggs, pouring in pickle brine, and tilting the pan for full coverage to finish.
Pickles are already common in deviled eggs and egg salad, and pair well with the richness of fried eggs. A tangy, salty, and dill-forward flavor provides a perfect contrast.
You can use brine from a jar of plain dill pickles, or experiment with brine from a jar of spicy pickles. For extra tanginess, use the liquid from full-sour pickles.
Try sweet gherkins or bread and butter brine for less aggressive tang. Salt, pepper, dill, spices like cayenne, and other seasonings make the eggs even better.