A bowl of Jamaican Pickapeppa sauce next to spoon
Pickapeppa Is The Sweet And Tangy Jamaican Sauce You Should Be Aware Of
With a tasty balance of sweet, peppery, and tangy flavors that feel like a culmination of Jamaica's diverse heritage, Pickapeppa sauce is truly one of a kind.
Pickapeppa sauce contains tomatoes, onions, sugar, cane vinegar, mangoes, raisins, peppers, garlic, thyme, cloves, black pepper, and orange peel.
The diversity of these ingredients intentionally mirrors Jamaica's cultural and culinary influences and is aged for one year in oak barrels.
The beauty of Pickapeppa sauce lies in its versatility. It tastes delicious as a condiment but also adds complexity as a flavoring agent in marinades, sauces, and cooking broths.
The sauce tastes delicious as a meat, poultry, fish marinade, steak sauce, or a hors d'oeuvre poured over a block of cream cheese and eaten with crackers.
Blend it with olive oil and citrus for a zesty salad dressing, or use it to flavor mayonnaise. Add it to red beans and rice, jambalaya, or pulled pork sandwiches.
Popular Caribbean dishes that feature Pickapeppa include mango rice and barbecued shrimp. It's also a good substitute for Jamaican jerk seasoning.