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Philadelphia's Chocolate-Covered Onion Started As A Punchline
It seems like chocolate would make anything better, and that's true of chocolate-coated potato chips, pretzels, or even bacon, However, the chocolate pairings don’t stop there with controversial concoctions like chocolate-covered pickles and avocados, but the strangest combination might just be Philadelphia’s chocolate-covered onion.
Mueller’s Chocolate is home to the bizarre chocolate-covered onion, but it was actually invented by comedian Bob Nelson as a prop for one of his gags. In the ‘80s, Nelson was filming “Double Muppets Hold the Onions” across the street from the chocolate store when he asked them to make chocolate-covered onions for him to use in the show.
Mueller’s has been selling the food ever since, and thanks to Andrew Zimmern’s Bizarre Foods, it became a viral sensation. If you visit Philadelphia, make sure to stop by the store where for only $5, you can grab one of these iconic foods for someone "Sweet on the outside but nasty on the inside," or one of the shop’s many other quirky desserts.