A cup of Starbucks cold coffee
Perfect Your Homemade Iced Starbucks Drinks With This Cup Tip
To avoid measuring each component of your favorite Starbucks iced drinks, use the bumps and lines designed on their cold cups as guides to recreate those drinks at home.
Starting from the bottom of the iconic Starbucks cold cups, you'll see distinct ridges. They represent a specific amount of syrup going into each drink per the outlet's standard.
Per the advice of home barista and TikToker @cosettecutie, fill your washed Starbucks cold cups to the corresponding ridge or lip at the cup's bottom with syrup.
Even if you have a larger cup, the space for this ridge increases with the cup's size, so you'll get the correct measurement for what your drink requires.
Find the black lines on the cup's side that indicate the amount of milk required. Just pour your milk up to the top line of the cup for the perfect Starbucks coffee experience.