Homemade glazed puff pastry cinnamon rolls with custard and raisins over old dark blue wooden background Top view, space Rustic style. (Photo by: Natasha Breen/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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Perfect Glaze Icing Takes Patience. Here's How Long You Should Wait
Treats like donuts or cinnamon rolls literally shine when you pour a glossy, sweet glaze on top that adds some extra richness. Beyond using the right ingredient ratios to make a good glaze, you absolutely must wait for it to cool and thicken properly before pouring it over bakes goods, and this is how long you'll have to be patient.
Recipe Tips recommends waiting two hours after making your glaze so it can solidify, though this can vary depending on whether your baked goods are hot or cool, the temperature of your kitchen, and whether the glaze needs to be thicker or thinner. Two hours is still a good timeframe if you're not sure about how long to wait.
If you need a glazed dessert for a party, you should bake it the day before and let it cool, then glaze it two to three hours before the event. If your kitchen tends to be on the warmer side, it might be best to keep your glazed treats in the refrigerator, or at least in a cooler area of your home, so long as it's not a very perishable dessert.