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People Are Flocking To This Cleveland Deli Just For Its Chicken Salad
TikTok is currently playing a huge role in advertising small businesses and the people who run them. It seems like any business can go viral with just one video, and that’s precisely what happened with the E. 81st Street Deli in Cleveland, Ohio, whose chicken salad became TikTok famous after a longtime customer gave her endorsement.
When customer Tenisha Godfrey ordered her chicken salad with banana peppers, pickles, bell peppers, tomatoes, and onions, the deli's owner Wael Herbawai decided to film her. Her charming, steadfast encouragement to “come up here and get one of these” led other users to use the audio in their own TikToks, subsequently making the deli go viral.
The deli's chicken salad is a salad topped with chicken, not a chicken salad with mayo, and customers are traveling from all over the country to try this dish, with some filming their own rave review. As of October 31, the original video has over 2 million likes, over 10,000 comments, and was even reposted by pop star Lizzo.