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Pecan Tassies Are The Mini Thanksgiving Pie Alternative You Need
Pecan pie is popular enough to rival pumpkin pie as king of the Thanksgiving dessert table. If you love pecan pie, but feel intimidated by the thought of making your own from scratch for the holiday season, try making pecans tassies, small tarts that taste just like your favorite pie, but are easier to make and eat.
Pecan tassies aren't exactly the same as mini pecan pies; one defining characteristic is the addition of cream cheese to the butter and flour tart dough. You can even add extra pecan flavor by mixing half a cup of finely-ground pecans into the tart dough, or try sprinkling orange zest into the cream cheese before mixing it up.
Most pecan pie recipes call for brown sugar and corn syrup in the filling, but real tassie aficionados swap out the corn syrup for real maple syrup, which gives the filling richer flavor and nuanced complexity. A teaspoon of bourbon is another great addition, but you can also just use your favorite pecan filling recipe.
Regardless of any customizations, MasterClass says you must use full-fat cream cheese for a proper buttery, flaky tassie crust. Line a muffin pan with dough, spoon in your filling, and bake for bite-size desserts that will disappear fast, but if you have leftovers, tassies keep for up to three days in an airtight container.