Fresh berries in a bowl and spread around on rustic wooden background
Pay Special Attention To Color When Getting Berries At The Store
Color is extremely important when you're looking to buy the best berries. A close examination of their hue can tell you about their freshness, flavor, and nutritional content.
Berries are packed with nutrients, but you won’t get all of them if the berries aren't ripe. A deep and vibrant color conveys ripe berries with lots of flavor and nutrition.
With strawberries, look for a deep, rich red color without any pale or whitish parts around the stem or on the body. Blueberries should be a deep blue to almost purplish-black.
A silvery, powdery "skin" on blueberries is a natural protective coating and a sign of freshness. Steer clear of blueberries with a reddish undertone, which are underripe.
Blackberries should have a deep black color, while raspberries should be a vibrant red all around. If these two kinds of berries look overly soft or mushy, they may be overripe.