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Patience Is Key For Glossy Brownies
Brownies can be prepared and enjoyed in so many different ways, but there's one thing that all brownie lovers can agree on: looks matter. There’s something about a pan of brownies with a shimmery, crackly top that makes your mouth water, and the easiest way to achieve that glossy sheen requires lots of patience when making them.
Cookbook author Alice Medrich’s trick for achieving a wonderful, shiny brownie top is to chill the brownie batter before baking it. She lets the batter sit in the fridge for any time between overnight and three days, which she also believes will let the flavors settle in with each other, creating a richer pan of brownies in the end.
Medrich notes that it's important to pour the batter into the baking pan before chilling it instead of leaving it in a bowl, since it will become stiff and difficult to pour or scoop once it's chilled. When you're ready to bake, just preheat your oven and bake until the brownies are done to your liking for a surely stunning batch of treats.