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Pasta Sauce Brands Ranked Worst To Best
12. Barilla
When you're purchasing pasta, Barilla is a trustworthy name, but the pasta sauce is a completely different story. It's so sweet that it'll be the first and the last thing you'll taste while trying to eat your pasta, so your best bet is to avoid it completely.
11. Ragu
At one point in time, there's a good chance that you really liked Ragu pasta sauce, but the quality has tragically gone downhill over the years. Originally, Ragu had authentic Italian flavoring, but these days, it tastes over-processed and has lost most of its former magic.
10. Bertolli
Simply put, the red Bertolli pasta sauces taste like watered-down ketchup, and the white ones have a faint milk-like taste. Unless your idea of good pasta sauce is light tomato paste, you'll be completely underwhelmed, and by the end of the jar, you'll be wanting your money back.
9. Prego
The good news is that Prego’s sauces don't taste processed, which is often a problem for the worse brands, but the bad news is that the tomato flavor is muted and there is way too much garlic. It's almost as if there's hope that the garlic will camouflage all the shortcomings.
8. Cucina Antica
Cucina Antica uses imported tomatoes from Southern Italy, which is a difference your taste buds will surely notice, and you will undoubtedly be pleased with your meal. What stops this brand from climbing higher in the rankings is its expensive price tag, coming in at $23.76 for a 25-ounce jar.