Bowl of applesauce next to spoons and apples
Pass On The Tomato Soup And Serve Grilled Cheese Sandwiches With Applesauce
Tomato soup may be a great companion to grilled cheese sandwiches, but applesauce is even better, just like the classic snack combo of cheese cubes and apple slices.
The sweet applesauce tames the sharpness and saltiness of the sandwich’s cheesy interior, while the umami grilled cheese boosts the fruity, honeyed flavor of the sauce.
Contrasting with the crunchy slices of grilled bread, the juicy applesauce also imparts a textural contrast to the sandwich, while acting as somewhat of a palate cleanser.
While a sweeter sauce made with mild apples like Golden Delicious fares well with sharper cheeses like cheddar or blue, a tart sauce of McIntosh apples is best for a nuttier Gouda.
Similarly, a citrusy Granny Smith-based sauce pairs beautifully with a buttery brie. For maximum apple richness, you could even add a spoonful of applesauce inside the sandwich.
To play around with flavors, consider using spiced or cranberry applesauce, amping up the sauce’s heat by adding a little cayenne, or leaning into sweetness with some maple syrup.