homemade parmesan chips on wood background
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Parmesan Crisps Are Best Made On Parchment Paper
Parmesan crisps are a great, tasty, low-carb snack that can easily be made at home. All you need is fresh parmesan, an oven, a baking sheet, and something to line the baking sheet with, though there is some debate on whether a silicone baking mat or parchment paper is best for the job.
Parchment paper is convenient because it's inexpensive and disposable, which doesn’t apply to silicone baking mats. The most important difference in regard to baking parmesan crisps is that parchment paper works best for crisping things, which is necessary for these crispy, crunchy treats.
Both silicone baking mats and parchment paper are helpful tools, so there’s nothing wrong with having them both available in your kitchen. However, silicone baking mats are best for non-crispy items, so when it comes to making yummy parmesan cheese crisps, parchment paper wins.