Roasted chicken with carrots and potatoes on a baking pan
Parmesan Cheese And Herbs Hand Your Sheet Pan Chicken Full Flavor
Sheet pan chicken is a quick, effortless, and versatile dinner, but the taste can be a bit plain. Consider adding parmesan cheese, veggies, and herbs to elevate the flavors.
Rich and nutty with a tangy undertone, the parmesan adds a delightful depth to the chicken's savory taste. As the cheese melts, it coats the tender meat in a golden, crispy layer.
Meanwhile, the herbs add a pleasing, fragrant undertone. Together, these ingredients infuse the dish with a gorgeous complexity while adhering to its rustic, homey essence.
Sprinkle the parmesan on the chicken and then coat it in herbs before cooking, or mix the cheese, herbs, spices, olive oil, and other ingredients into a marinade.
You can use the parmesan cheese as a topping to give the herb-marinated roasted chicken a tasty finish. Consider trying various ingredient combos to suit your taste.