Blueberry muffins in a muffin tin with whole blueberries
Parchment Paper Liners Allow Muffins To Rise To The Occasion
Parchment paper liners are a great alternative to standard liners because their taller sides fully enclose muffin batter, preventing it from spilling out as it rises.
The paper provides more support for the muffin mixture to continue soaring upwards instead of spreading out messily onto the sides, allowing muffins to reach their full potential.
All you need to make your own muffin liners at home is a few squares of parchment paper and a glass or small vessel that fits inside the base of your muffin tray.
Turn the glass upside down and place the parchment square on the base before guiding and pressing the paper down its exterior.
Then make a few vertical folds in the parchment to create small pleats around its circumference so the paper takes on the shape of the container.
Finally, place the liners in your muffin tray and fill them with batter. The liners can be discarded after use just like regular muffin pan liners, making for easy cleanup.