With gin or cognac, white creme de cacao, fresh cream (half and half) and  grated nutmeg
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Paradiso: The Barcelona Bar You Enter Through A Refrigerator
From the secret phone booth entrance of New York’s PDT (Please Don’t Tell) to London’s Ladies and Gents entrance via a public “loo,” there’s something thrilling about “secret” entrances. In fact, the 2022 winner of The World’s Best Bar, Paradiso in Barcelona, is a speakeasy that you enter via a refrigerator door in a pastrami shop.
With a gimmicky entrance, intriguing ambiance, and no-so-secretive location, it seems like Paradiso would be packed 24/7. In actuality, the restaurant prides itself on a strictly limited capacity in order to allow patrons to fully experience their drinks and let bartenders focus on their artistry.
Paradiso builds on the artistic traditions of Spain with mind-bending, surrealistic drinks that use elements — such as smoke and fire like the On Fire or ice like the Super Cool Martini — to create a dramatic experience. Plus, the bar offers deli favorites like bagels, pulled pork, and smoked mackerel to mirror its pastrami shop entrance.