Close up of fried eggs
Panko Is The Crispy Addition You Need For Better Fried Eggs
The crunch of toasted breadcrumbs in your eggs contrasts perfectly with the runny yolks while blending in with the crispy white edges, and panko crumbs are the best choice.
Panko ​​is lighter and more airy than typical breadcrumbs because it doesn't soak up as much oil. It's made from the crust of white bread and used in various Japanese fried foods.
You'll get the crunchiest layer possible with panko, while regular breadcrumbs will create a softer consistency that will blend in with your breakfast.
You can use either oil or butter to fry your eggs, but butter will produce a more flavorful result. Feel free to stir some herbs, seasonings, or even cheese into the panko.
Pour in your panko, wait to add the eggs until the crumbs have had time to toast, and then fry the eggs as you normally would.