Rose-flavored soda in a glass with ice and a straw
Paneer Soda Is The Drink You Might Get Sprinkled With At Indian Weddings
From gingery, lemony jaljeera to spiced chai and mango lassis, India is full of delicious beverages, including the rose-flavored paneer soda that is often featured at weddings.
The clear or pink soda isn't related to India’s paneer cheese, and contains no dairy. Rather, the name comes from the Tamil word “panneer,” meaning rose water.
Paneer soda is most popular in southern India, sold by street vendors and markets and enjoyed at weddings and celebrations, where it is sprayed on attendees as a playful welcome.
The drink is made with carbonated water plus a syrup of water, sugar, and rose water or essence. The resulting beverage is refreshing and also works as a digestive aid.
To make paneer soda, prepare rose syrup by dissolving sugar in boiling water and adding rose essence or rose water. Mix the syrup into sparkling water and serve over ice.