A bowl of palomilla Steak
Palomilla Steak Is The Hearty Cuban Dish Slathered In Sauteed Onions
The bistec de palomilla, or palomilla steak, is a savory example of Cuba’s rich culinary heritage. It combines rich beef and a bright marinade with sweet, sauteed onions.
The dish begins with a tough cut of beef, such as round steak, which is then transformed into a tender delight through butterflying and extensive pounding with a meat mallet.
Then, the steak is saturated in a marinade of garlic, lime juice, salt, and pepper. Some cooks also prefer adding sour orange juice and oregano to the mix.
However, it’s the caramelized sweet onions that tie the dish together. The onions bring a mellow and savory dimension that perfectly complements the boldness of the steak.
While there are many onion types, most recipes call for Spanish yellow onions. For a sweeter taste, try using a variety such as Vidalia that caramelizes more extensively.
The origins of bistec de palomilla are unclear, but it’s likely the result of cooks combining affordable ingredients. The dish is served with plantains or black beans and rice.