Padma Lakshmi attends Planned Parenthood's New York Spring Benefit Gala at The Glasshouse on March 13, 2023 in New York City
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Padma Lakshmi Eats One Creamy Food With Almost Every Meal
Padma Lakshmi loves spice so much that on the popular YouTube show "Hot Ones,” she cruised through a spicy ten-wing gauntlet without breaking a sweat.
Speaking to Eating Well, Lakshmi credits an Indian yogurt called dahi for her spice tolerance:
"It helps calm my tummy with spicy food. It also just makes me feel good."
Whether it’s along with her breakfast fruit bowl or as a side dish with her meal of dal, curry, and rice, the celebrity chef has good reason to snack on yogurt all day.
The fats found in dairy products like dahi tackle the chemical compound responsible for the spicy burn of hot foods. Yogurt can help settle your burning stomach and tongue.
Lakshmi certainly has a good reason for her yogurt obsession. The next time you want to eat all of your meals with some spice, add dahi on the side for the sake of your tummy.