Orange chicken on white rice
Our Saucy Hack Takes Trader Joe's Orange Chicken To The Next Tier
Trader Joe’s is well-known for their delicious frozen food products, like the popular Mandarin Orange Chicken, but if you want a new take on the dish, try a TJ's product mashup.
To upgrade your Mandarin Orange Chicken, try swapping out the orange sauce for a sauce from a different Trader Joe's frozen meal, Shrimp Boom Bah.
With chili flakes and chunks of garlic, the Boom Bah sauce offers a bit more spice and a little less citrusy tang along with a richer, thicker texture.
Best of all, you can pair the leftover breaded shrimp from the Boom Bah box with the leftover Mandarin Orange sauce for another new experience.
Since the shrimp are thickly breaded, pair your mandarin orange shrimp with vegetables like lettuce or broccoli. The boom bah chicken pairs well with rice or noodles.
To get the most out of both dishes, try preparing your protein in the air fryer for an extra-crispy texture. Then, coat the meat with the sauce rather than using it as a dip.
It’s worth keeping in mind that while the Mandarin Chicken is affordable at $4.99, the Shrimp Boom Bah rings in at $8.99, so you’ll have to spend a little more to try this out.