Chilled cans of Red Bull
Our Favorite Red Bull Flavor Is Only Around During The Summer
Red Bull's sweet-tangy, fruity, herbal, licorice-esque taste got a summery makeover with an all-new Curuba Elderflower flavor, which hit shelves nationwide on April 29, 2024.
Elderflower has a light floral flavor with heavy aromatics and a slight citrus back end and curuba is a tangy fruit that resembles a small banana but smells like an orange.
When curuba is paired with elderflower, the result is a bold and refreshing melon-kiwi-starfruit taste. Enjoy it on its own or as a flavorful, caffeinated cocktail ingredient.
Per an official press release, Red Bull Curuba Elderflower will stick only around while supplies last. The company has yet to announce when exactly the flavor will be pulled.