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Our CES 2024 Prediction: The Macrowave Oven Will Be A Kitchen Game Changer
Revolution Cooking's Macrowave Oven, showcased at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), has all the potential to be a game-changing appliance with its advanced technology.
Its exceptional blend of innovation and practicality led Tasting Table to award the Macrowave Oven, powered by InstaGLO®, a coveted Innovation Award at CES 2024 without hesitation.
The oven uses specialized alloys and smart algorithms to cook food faster and in a smarter and more flavor-enhancing way. It's like a personal chef embodied within an appliance.
It's able to switch between and simultaneously run multiple cooking modes such as microwave, convection, oven bake, broil, pizza bake, and air fry and doesn't need to be preheated.
Priced at $1,800, the oven has an LED display, an intuitive touchscreen, and upgradable software and algorithms, ensuring it improves and stays cutting-edge over time.
It also comes with various cooking accessories. There are air-fry baskets, a glass tray for microwaving, non-stick baking trays and wires for bakers, a temperature probe, and more.