Starbucks cold brew coffee with cold foam
Order Starbucks Cold Foam Separately If You Plan To Drink It Later
While you can get Starbucks cold foam atop anything from cold coffees to fruity refreshers and teas, you should order it on the side if you plan to drink the beverage later.
The unique dairy topping, created by cold-frothing nonfat milk, provides a cloudlike layer of fluffy, creamy goodness for a light-yet-luscious mouthfeel upon first sips.
Unfortunately, as it lingers on the liquid, it seeps down and infuses into the rest of the drink. As time passes, its decadent presence and texture diminishes into liquid form.
Starbucks accommodates this request by putting the dairy topping into a separate cup. This preserves its structural integrity so it can be refrigerated and enjoyed fresh later.