Cup of black coffee on saucer
Orange Zest Is The Citrus Twist Your Morning Cup Of Coffee Needs
If you're up for trying something different in your morning coffee, try adding a few flakes of orange zest for an improved flavor and an aromatic smell.
The natural acidity found in zest can mellow out the coffee's bitter undertones. Plus, the zest, brimming with aromatic essential oils, can give your brew a lovely, fresh aroma.
Start by finely grating the outermost layer of orange skin, without grating into the pith of the orange. Mix a few flakes into your coffee grounds before brewing.
For those who prefer sweeter coffee, add a teaspoon of zest per quarter cup of coffee grounds. If you prefer your coffee black, just half a teaspoon will suffice.
You can also use lemon or lime zest, which are more acidic and thus have stronger, tangier tastes and a more noticeable aroma.