Louis Armstrong playing the trumpet
Orange Satchmo: The Cocktail Named After Louis Armstrong
Hailing from New Orleans, the orange Satchmo cocktail incorporates Louis Armstrong's nickname: Satchmo. It's a riff on the Sazerac cocktail and is relatively straightforward.
The drink's sugar component is replaced with a half-ounce pour of orange liqueur. Finished with an orange garnish, it's a drier, more citrusy cocktail.
The orange Satchmo preserves the drink's quintessential combination of rye whiskey flavored with an absinthe rinse, but since there's no sugar, it forgoes the muddling step.
The glass is rinsed with absinthe first, while the rye, bitters drop, and orange liqueur — frequently Cointreau — are stirred with ice separately before being strained.