Bowl of shredded pork with onion and cilantro on the side
Orange Juice Is The Secret Key For Tender And Balanced Pork
If you’re making pulled pork, orange juice can enhance its flavor and texture. It may sound strange, but the juice can tenderize the meat without making it taste overly fruity.
Use the juice of one orange or an equivalent amount of bottled juice for every two pounds of pork. Add the juice at the start of cooking, or in the marinade if you use one.
The juice's acidity tenderizes the meat, ensuring a melt-in-your-mouth texture, while the sugar in the juice helps to caramelize the meat, helping the edges crisp up.
The orange also adds a nice tanginess. You can add more fruity and tangy taste by using sour oranges like those used in Mexico, or combining lime and orange juice.