A platter of seafood on ice including lobster, crab, and oysters
Orange Juice Adds More Than Just Citrus Flavor To Seafood Boils
Orange juice may be the key to a great seafood boil. TikTok user @boilmaster boils his seafood in orange juice, not only for citrus flavor but to balance out the other seasonings.
In the instructional TikTok, the chef can be seen pouring two large jugs of orange juice into a massive stock pot, topped with a huge container of mixed seasonings.
The seasonings included Zatarain's, paprika, Boil Boosters (one herb flavor and one smashed garlic flavor), Sazón, pre-minced garlic, liquid crab boil, and Italian dressing.
For the orange juice, any affordable store-bought brand will work just fine, but zero-pulp is best to avoid a gritty mouthfeel.