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Opt For Tequila In Your Next Dirty Martini
From its golden hue to its salty and strong taste, there is something sensual about dirty martinis that makes them a go-to drink for many. All you need to make a dirty martini is vodka or gin, vermouth, and a jar of olives and brine, but some customers have been putting a spin on the drink by asking bartenders to use tequila.
Tequila dirty martinis involve swapping the vodka or gin with any type of tequila, and bartenders may add orange bitters as well. Leanne Favre, head bartender at Brooklyn's Leyenda, told Punch that several customers have ordered dirty tequila martinis within the last year, and some mixologists are experimenting further.
At Philadelphia's The Refectory, bartender Mike Haggerty alters the dirty tequila martini by swapping the olives with pickled jalapeño brine. Tequila isn’t the only base swap, either; at Farm and Fisherman in Philadelphia, bar manager Danny Child says that customers are asking for tequila in drinks like cosmopolitans and more.