Stainless steel sink with water running from the faucet
Opt For Flour The Next Time Your Stainless Steel Sink Needs A Polish
Kitchen sinks clean everything in the room, so they can end up quite messy themselves. You can easily make your stainless-steel sink shine like new with a household staple: flour.
Flour might seem like more of a mess maker than a cleaner, but the results speak for themselves. Begin by emptying your sink and then scrubbing it with dish soap or cleaner.
Thoroughly wipe the sink dry, or else you risk turning the flour into a paste. Then, apply a generous coating of flour all over the basin.
Use a paper towel or cloth and rub the flour into the surface with small circular movements to slowly buff away stains and imperfections. By the end, your sink will be sparkling.
The method is surprisingly effective, with no use of any harsh chemicals or skin irritants. To finish the sink off, rub a thin coat of olive oil on the metal to seal in the shine.
You can use the same technique with other stainless-steel surfaces, like the handles and faucet of your sink, other appliances, or silverware.