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Oprah's Unexpected Addition For Creamy Butter-Free Pasta
Oprah is known for promoting lifestyle items that she enjoys to her audience, including clothing items, wooden charcuterie boards, and even cocktail kids. The famed talk show host even offers cooking advice at times, and she consulted French chef Philippe Chevalier to find out how to make delicious creamy pasta with no butter.
Chevalier uses oat milk to cook a pasta dish that delivers a creamy texture without any dairy products. First, he cooks steel-cut oats and strains the water from the heated pot, creating a cloudy liquid full of starch, and when added to the pasta, this liquid forms a creamy sauce that could be mistaken for one with butter or cream.
When Chevalier made a version of Oprah's favorite pasta with lemon, peas, and mushrooms using this trick, she was surprised to taste the dish, remarking to the chef, “I can't believe there's no cream in it.” You can top off this delicious meal with dairy-free "cheese" options, like nutritional yeast or almond alternatives.