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One Simple Ingredient Will Revolutionize Your Salads
Even if the ingredients in your salad are already seasoned, finishing off your salad with a sprinkle of salt can add flavor and texture that will take your mixed greens to the next level. Salad benefits significantly from the flavor-enhancing ability of salt to taste before serving as it brings together the flavors of the multi-ingredient dish.
Epicurious notes that sprinkling some salt on your greens can add a delicious crunch to your dish — while table salt adds a tiny bit of texture, a chunky finishing salt helps finish the greens. CookingLight recommends finishing salts like pink Himalayan salt, coarse black salt, and chunky flake salts for their flavor profiles and textures.
Some finishing salts are flavored and, depending on your preferences, can bring an extra layer of smoky or spicy flavor to your greens. The big and sometimes colorful crystals of finishing salts are visually appealing, impart unique flavors from where they are harvested, and add a crunch that makes a salad a meal.