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One Recipe Alton Brown Thinks You Should Have Memorized
From quick scrambled eggs to a basic but versatile salad, there are some recipes that cooks ought to know like the back of their hand. However, when it comes to dessert, celeb chef Alton Brown has a must-memorize recipe to use as a foundation for pastries, pies, and more.
Brown's most versatile sweet recipe is for pastry cream, a light yet rich custard that fills cream puffs, cream pies, eclairs, and more. Brown calls pastry cream "one of the great mother sauces of the dessert world," and to prepare his recipe, all you need is sugar, butter, eggs, milk, vanilla, and cornstarch.
Not only should you memorize the right combination of ingredients for pastry cream, but you should also know the basic technique for filling puff pastry. Generally speaking, you should poke a hole in the pastries once they’re done baking, then pipe the cream in until your cream puffs or eclairs feel heavy.