Dirty martini splashing on marble countertop with black background
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One Of NYC's Fanciest Martinis Comes Topped With Caviar And Gold Leaf
Enjoying a dirty martini can be an indulgent experience, particularly at New York City’s Cathédrale Restaurant, where you’ll encounter a decadent dirty martini unlike any other.
Named An Affair to Remember, the ultra-fancy martini is made with Belvedere Lake Bartężek Single Estate Rye Vodka, Salers gentian liqueur in lieu of vermouth, and olive brine.
The martini is topped with a Beausoleil oyster, Kaluga caviar coated in gold leaf, and a Castelvetrano olive for a show-stopping drink and small bite pairing.
The cocktail rings in at $55, which is actually a good deal, considering that you get a sweet, mild oyster and rich caviar to highlight the savory brininess of the dirty martini.
According to the drink’s inventor, Nikki McCutcheon, the cocktail and garnish combination creates “a decadent showpiece that's sure to take your cocktail hour to the next level.”