Ina Garten smiling in a kitchen
One Of Ina Garten's Favorite Summer Pasta Salads Has A Unique Twist
One of Ina Garten’s favorite summer pasta salad dishes offers an eccentric twist by swapping the traditional penne, rigatoni, or bowtie pasta with silky angel hair pasta.
While angel hair may seem like an odd choice, as it's very delicate and not usually eaten cold, Garten's recipe post seems quite beloved and has over 120,000 likes on Instagram.
Angel hair pasta is longer and thinner than more typical pasta salad shapes, so it works best with simple, oil-based dressings that won't weigh it down like mayonnaise could.
To avoid breaking or squishing the pasta, fold in your dressing and other ingredients gently, or simply lay your ingredients on the bed of pasta and drizzle the dressing on top.
After cooking the noodles, coat them in olive oil to prevent sticking. Since the pasta is so long, chop your other ingredients finely to get a bit of everything in every bite.