Chef David Chang
One Of David Chang's All-Time Favorite Restaurants Is Located In Istanbul
One of famed chef David Chang’s favorite restaurants is Bayramoğlu Döner, just outside of Istanbul. In fact, he calls the establishment "one of the best restaurants in the world."
Visitors to this eatery will be treated to fresh salads, sides of pickled chili peppers and fries, and bread made from scratch on-site to pair with the signature döner kebabs.
Bayramoğlu Döner only serves döner kebabs with the aforementioned sides, and you'll need to tell the staff when you’ve had enough, or else more plates and refills will keep coming.
Chang even toured the kitchen at his favorite kebab spot to observe the chefs hard at work preparing food, assembling kebabs, and stoking wood-burning fireplaces.
Meat is sliced from spits placed on alternate ends of the restaurant, and chefs stack juicy slices of the tender meat on top of yufka, Turkey's traditional flatbread.
In a TikTok where Chang describes Bayramoğlu Döner and the flavors represented on its menu, he resorts to several expletives, confirming his passion for the simple kebab seller.
Chang adds that the restaurant's ability to accommodate up to 4,000 guests in a day makes the generous service and high quality of the food even more impressive.