Celebrity chef Bobby Flay smiles for the camera
One Of Bobby Flay's Favorite Cocktails May Sound Familiar
In his podcast's "Retro Cocktails" episode, Bobby Flay stated that even he favors the negroni sbagliato, a classically retro Italian cocktail that he says he enjoys "all the time."
The bitter-forward sparkling negroni sbagliato is a variation of another of Flay's favorite classic Italian cocktails, the negroni, but with sparkling wine rather than its usual gin.
"Sbagliato" is the Italian word for "mistake" — a mistaken substitute of prosecco for gin by a bartender, which resulted in a new drink sensation.
Flay's favorite is easy to make; just pour one part each of Campari, sweet vermouth, and sparkling wine into a chilled stemmed or rocks glass.
Of course, don't hesitate to increase the proportion of sparkling wine if you like a lighter-flavored drink with more bubbles.