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OMNI Is Bringing Its Plant-Based Meats To Walmart
“Alternative proteins” is a food industry term that refers to increasingly popular meat alternatives made from plants. Plant-based meats from companies like OMNI have surged in popularity due to their purported health and environmental benefits, and now Walmart is taking these options beyond health food stores and into the mainstream.
OMNI first released plant-based seafood alternatives in 2021, and now OMNI Crab-Style Cakes will soon hit Walmart shelves across America. These vegan-friendly cakes have a similar taste and appearance to crab cakes, but are free of antibiotics, mercury, and artificial colors, while remaining high in omega-3 ALAs and protein.
Other OMNI products available to Walmart shoppers include potstickers and spring rolls made with the company’s signature Omni Ground protein mixture, as well as the OMNI Luncheon product, an alternative to pork. OMNI also provides its recipes on their website to help customers incorporate alternative proteins into their diets.