Omega Mart in Area 15 arts district, Las Vegas, NV
Omega Mart In Las Vegas Gives The Wildest Grocery Store Experience, And So Much More
If you’re looking for interesting things to do off the Las Vegas strip, check out Omega Mart, a permanent art installation created by Santa Fe-based art collective Meow Wolf.
Located in Vegas' entertainment and events district Area 15, Omega Mart first opened in February of 2021. It's an interactive sensory overload, but its items aren't just for show.
It’s a liminal space that appears to be a supermarket, but spend longer than five minutes there, and you'll find yourself in the uncanny valley. It's really more of a surreal playground.
Once inside, you’ll find that there’s a story to be told. You’re provided with "RFID cards," which help visitors unravel the secrets of Omega Mart and all of its puzzling lore.
Curiosity is key, and you’ll want plenty of time to pick things up, watch video content, and interact with performers posing as employees. You may even find the mart's secret bar.
Omega Mart is an actual market, and most products on the shelves are purchasable art, if you can pick it up and it has a price tag. Some items are bolted down and not for sale.