Olive oil being poured from a bottle to a spoon
Olive Oil Is The Ideal Cocktail Ingredient To Sip During Hanukkah
During the eight days of Hanukkah celebrations this year, pair savory latkes and jelly-filled donuts with a festive, garnished olive oil cocktail.
This calls back to Hanukkah's origins in the 2nd century B.C. when the oil light of a Jewish holy temple remained lit for eight days on a single day's worth of oil.
To make an olive oil-washed spirit that can be incorporated into cocktails, use high-quality olive oil. For a 750-milliliter bottle of gin or vodka, use ½ cup of olive oil.
Once combined and shaken, keep the container in a cool place for 12 hours, freeze for another 12 hours, and finally strain it through a cheesecloth.
For less prep, combine ½ ounce olive oil with citrus juice and gin or vodka. Then use the liquor as a base for any cocktail that pairs well with the oil’s rich, grassy notes.