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Old Forester Sells A Limited-Edition Celebratory Bourbon Annually
Every year on September 2nd, renowned Bourbon brand Old Forester releases a limited edition Bourbon to celebrate its founder George Garvin Brown's birthday.
A tradition since 2002, this "Birthday Bourbon" is aged using a blend of barrels selected by the master distiller, then packed in specially-designed bottles and packaging.
Bourbon enthusiasts have come to cherish these limited edition bottles as rare and valuable additions to their collections, despite the significantly higher price tag.
The birthday Bourbons range in price from $99 to $200, but if the bottles are retailed from a secondary marketplace, they can go for thousands of dollars.
The 2020 release now retails for over $1,300, and the 2022 birthday Bourbon sells for over $1,200. For collectors, owning a piece of Old Forester history is worth the investment.